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Specific Objectives: At the end of this lesson a student will be able to:

  • Student will be able to solve problems.
  • Be able to ask questions according to lecture.
  • Be able to improve our mind ability.


  • The Formatting Toolbar

There are eighteen formatting toolbar which are listed below:

  1. Style:

Styles in Word are used to quickly format portions of text. There are also three preset style made for heading.

  1. Font:

Font is a simple but important factor in Word documents. To apply a font to text, select desired text with your cursor, and choose a font from the font drop down menu. Scroll down to the font you want and select it by clicking on the name once with mouse.

  1. Font Size:

Selecting desired text with the cursor and choosing  a font size from the drop down menu changes the size of text. Select a size by clicking on it once. A font size of 10 or 12 is best for paragraphs of text.

  1. Bold:

Places the text in bold.

  1. Italic:

Places the text in italics.

  1. Underline:

Underline the text.

  1. Align Left:

Aligns the selection to the left of the screen/paper.

  1. Center:

Aligns the selection to the center of the screen/paper.

  1. Align Right:

Aligns the selection to the right of the screen/paper.

  1. Justify:

Aligns the selection to both the left and right of the screen/paper.

  1. Line Spacing:

Adjust the line spacing .

  1. Numbering:

Create a numbered list.

  1. Bullets:

Create an unordered, bulleted list,

  1. Decrease Indent:

Decreases the indentation of the current selection (to the left).

  1. Increase Indent:

Increased the indentation of the current selection(to the right).

  1. Outside Border:

Places a border around the current selection; click the drop-down for a wide selection of bordering options.

  1. Highlight:

Highlight the current selection; default color is yellow.

  1. Font Color:

Change the font color; the default /automatic color is black.

Presentation (Method of teaching):

Firstly, introduce our self-secondly to motivate students and then implement our lecture planning (theoretical works with book references).

Tool:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ white board, computer.

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Microsoft office

ü  Formatting Toolbar






Tool bar contain small pictures called tool icons which, when clicked one provide a shortcut method or performing MS-Word action.







Question Answering


How many formatting toolbar?

Define purpose of all its tool?

Reference: Text book of computer science.

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